As time is going ahead, technology has been increasing. Although phones and laptops are very useful, the same technology has been user negatively as well. Take an example of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes. You have to connect them to wire and switch to charge them and fill it with flavoured liquored nicotine. The chemical is called as vape juice. However, the companies said that the new form of cigarette can reduce addiction to smoking, opposite results have been seen. According to studies, children and adolescents buy vape in Riyadh nowadays.

There are numerous facts and dangers of it. A few of them are:

  • They are harmful. Although companies and manufacturers said it that e-cigarettes are safer to use, the smoke harms your brain. The vape juice can cause tumors and damage your heart and lungs. Pregnant women can face difficulty during delivery if they have e-cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes have nicotine. Nicotine is a chemical that has a not-so-good impact on the brain. It disrupts the development and functioning of the brain. The chemical increases the levels of dopamine and that’s what makes nicotine addictive. Our brain loves dopamine and they want it in higher quantities. That’s why a brain makes you do all things that increase its levels. Because of nicotine, the e-cigarette is addictive. It will soon make you habitual of typical cigarettes and alcohol as well. Therefore, stay away from them.
  • E-cigarettes are more dangerous for kids and younger people. Because of having nicotine that harms the brain and other body parts, children are vulnerable to such addictive things. Their mental growth can be slowed down or they can be retarded because of its consumption. Therefore, do not keep it near children and adolescents.
  • FDA has not approved e-cigarettes. The saddest part is that the FDA or US Food and Drug Administration has not bound manufacturers of e-cigarettes. They can bring candy-like flavours and do all sorts of marketing to get customers of all ages.

So, these are the most important facts and points about e-cigarettes and vape in KSA. E-cigarettes are getting common nowadays. At times, it seems that are normalizing smoking and consumption of alcohol. Besides religion, smoking and alcohol are not good for your health. They can cause tumors and mental retardation. Therefore, it is advised to keep yourself from smoking and e-cigarettes or you will get more troubles.