Have you ever noticed there are certain cars with black windows which do not let you see inside the car? Well, that is ‘window tint’. It is a scratch resistant thin film which is glued to the inside of car window. There are people who tint their car windows because they need privacy like actors, politicians or other public personalities so no one peek inside their cars or take photos etc. Other people do it because of the scorching rays of sunlight. However, some countries have made it illegal to tint your car windows for security reasons such as to avoid abductions or kidnappings or to prevent drivers from escaping security cameras.

Some of the benefits of Car window tinting are as follows:

  1. Car window tint saves you from harmful UV lights that can be very irritating and very damaging for human skin. Car window tint do not let the UV rays pass through them and provide protection.
  2. It provides privacy to the passengers as no one can see inside but the passengers can see the outside world.
  3. Car window tint does not let the UV rays in which makes it cooler inside the car.
  4. Some people like to have tinted windows as it makes the car looks ‘cooler’ although it is up to the car’s owner choice.

There are some disadvantages of Car window tinting as well which are listed below:

  1. The major drawback of car window tinting is that it affects nighttime visibility because it not only protects you from sun light but also does not allow light to come in which might be harmful for the driver and the car might indulge into accidents.
  2. The tint fades away after some time and you might need to install another one. The good quality tint would stay for a longer period of time but it might be expensive for you. But, the one they normally sell in the markets fades away quicker and costs you a lot of money.
  3. Some countries have made it illegal to tint your car windows so you need to look for the law and regulations of your country that whether or not it is permissible in your country to install tints. Some countries allow using tints that are not very dark.

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