There are many things which a website should have and many things which should not be there on a website for better ratings. If you are unable to analyze that then you can hire SEO specialist Dubai and he or she will help you in this regard and provide you information which you need to follow then. There are also SEO agency Abu Dhabi present which you can hire and sometimes hiring an agency is more suitable than hiring the individual because you will get more support and help from the agency as there are many people working in that and they all are experienced in their field. Even after hiring the agency you need to know about the things which you have to avoid on your website and to know about them you need to see this below:

Content: You need to see the value of your content. Some people will think that if they upload an article of few words then they will get ranked on Google but the reality is that you have to create bigger and more condensed articles otherwise Google will not like your content. In simple words your content should not be thin in length and value. If you constantly upload thin value content then Google will see that website as a spam and it may block that website. Make sure to upload a content which is long and provide some good value to the reader so that people will spend more time on your website while reading that content. It is better to have a longer article with different keywords of the same type rather than having many smaller articles with different keyword in each of them.

Duplicate: You need to avoid duplicating your content or the content of any other person or website. If you duplicate the content then Google will detect that and your content will be vanished from the search engine and people will not get to know about your content ever even if you have used only a few lines of duplication? You have to create original content and also as a safe side you need to check your content on different websites that will tell you about the level of duplication in your content and then you can correct that before uploading that content to avoid any tension.