Education is one of the fundamental rights of every man and woman in the world. Education enables us to have a perspective on the world. It enlightens us about everything that is happening around us. Education helps us gain knowledge about various fields of life and helps us know the facts about the world we live in. The process of educating a person began since the day he is born. Parents are the first institution for a person from whom they get knowledge then comes the schools and colleges. Schools and colleges educate us on different levels and each level is harder than the last one. They prepare us for the professional lives that we are supposed to step into. After acquiring higher education, people are supposed to get a professional degree from reputed universities which will help in educating them about a particular field of life.

Some of the best universities in the world are In the United States of America and the United Kingdom. However, universities in other parts of the world are gaining recognition too. There are many best universities in the UAE which offer courses in several fields. Universities help people in preparing them for the professional world. They educate students about new researches in different fields of life and exposes them to new innovative technology.

Every university around the world has departments for different courses like medical, engineering, journalism, law, business administration, etc. After acquiring a bachelor’s degree, students go for a master’s in desired fields. Business Administration is a branch of education that revolves around the business industry. A degree in business administration helps students learn the skills to excel in the business field. There are many universities around the world offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration. These days a Master of Business Administration has a great scope as a lot of organizations need administration staff who are well educated and skilled. Even if someone does not want to get a job, a degree in business administration can help students plan and establish their own business. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are the people who are in control of their lives. They do not have to answer to anyone except themselves hence it attracts a lot of people to start their own business. But in today’s world, education is the most important thing. Whether to opt for a job or a business, one needs to be educated enough as the competition is increasing day by day.