Are your wheels looking old and dull? If yes, then it is a perfect time for an appropriate wheel refurbishment. Well, for this task it is advised to hire a professional especially for alloy wheel refurbishment in order to have the best outcomes. But if you don’t want to go out of your pocket then you can even do this by yourself.

For this purpose, make sure that you are having all the required items with best quality like a car primer, colored paint, sandpaper and jack stand etc. Now the question arises that how this whole process of wheel refurbishment could be accomplished at home. In order to find more info regarding this aspect, read this whole article.

Remove the wheels

Have you finally decided to refurbish your car tires? If yes then the first step is to remove all the tires off your car. For this purpose, you have to use an appropriate jack which could hold your car up so that you could open up all the bolts. Usually it is advised to use a spare tire while doing so because in this way you don’t have to leave your car in the air for so long. This is because the each tire will consume at least 4 hours for a complete refurbishment so you can not put your whole trust on a single jack.

Sanding and cleaning

Now after finally removing the wheels, first of all make sure that you have protected your tires with a paint paper or you can even remove them. Then all you have to do is take the appropriate grain size of sandpaper and start sanding your wheel properly. Make sure that this job is done precisely because any mistake would show up in your paint so it is quite essential that you have made a smooth surface. Then clean the whole tire appropriately.

Painting and refitting

After sanding and cleaning, you have to use primer and spray it evenly. Then you can spray your desirable paint color and finally a clean coat is applied to give a final lustrous touch. Make sure that each of these steps are done after complete drying of the previous one. Now you can refit your rubber tires which you have previously removed or if you have used a paint tape then remove it carefully. Refit you tire back to the car and there you go with a whole new appealing tires.