One of the things that were greatly affected in this pandemic was education. Whether it was schools, colleges, or university – the process of education was disturbed because online classes were not exactly convenient for everyone. Most of the students learn better in physical classes. Many students faced problems in online sessions as they were camera shy or simply they did not have the advantage of having a good internet connection or a working computer.

However, we have to change accordingly to our circumstances because our lives are all about changes. Teachers had to adopt a lot of changes in their teaching methods so that students could understand better. A lot of little kids who were supposed to start school this year had to be homeschooled. One of the things that were needed for these little kids to teach in school and for teachers so that they could have something to write on during the online classes was whiteboards. Whiteboards are easily available in online stationery stores as well as physical stores. If you are a resident of Dubai then it’s really easy to find whiteboards in Dubai as you can find them in any supermarket or stationery shops there. Whiteboards were necessary for parents who had to home school their little kids so that they could provide an environment similar to school classrooms.

Apart from studies, students had great difficulty in spending the rest of the time at home so a lot of parents introduced different activities related to art to their kids so that they learn a new skill while killing the time at home. Painting, sketching, crafting and pottery making are some of the things that can be taught at home. Art is also a form of therapy. A lot of people started having depression and anxiety because they were not habitual to staying at home. So, not only kids but adults also spend their time creating different forms of arts. Art supplies are expensive but there are several stationery stores where you can find good quality art supplies. If you live in Dubai you can go to any stationary store to buy art supplies. Acrylic paints in Dubai are of really good quality even if you cannot afford a brand, you will find good sort of art supplies in Dubai.