The challenge is still a timely time to make art a priority. However, a few days after the end of the day, I started seeing the weird post which conveyed withdrawal and some anxiety and depression, because everyday somebody misses painting or they miss group camaraderie around the challenge.

The competition aims to inspire everybody to be art-makers in our studios. It’s a dynamic and habit of construction. Some have done this and they keep drawing daily. What a shit!!!

Not too much for other people.

Although we are challenging, everything we put up with floods back in our lives to be remembered and answered. Council! Council! E.g., I’m interested in writing this blog and planning a voiceover demo that I postponed in October. I love to do both, but time and commitment are needed and so, painting time is troublesome right now!

But how did we make the 31-in-31 Challenge painting happen? The whole experience is serious! It doesn’t seem like a huge thing to build a spot in your life, even though it is half an hour a day but every 31 days IS a lot to dedicate to that amount of time! But what keeps us on the Obstacle track? So what’s going on with us?

Firstly, as we take part in the Challenge, we commit to doing the job, turn up in our studios every day, mostly for ourselves and others.

Another issue is that we must give up performance and concentrate more on making art every day. At times we are allowed to misuse a new methodology or substance. After all, something is fresh for us, so why would we expect something? While high aspirations, we have low expectations. We ought to think less about consistency to deliver work every day and rely more on quantity. So what are you thinking of? This means that we put in the thousands of paintings that we have to do as painters. The task pushes us to do what we have to do. Get some inspirational canvas painting ideas for your amazing paint night!