Either you are a freelancer or you are going to start your own business, you must have heard about coworking space. You must have heard about coworking spaces are the cost-effective solution for small start-ups and these increases social interaction among persons. You can also find meeting rooms Abu Dhabi to continue your freelancing. If you want to know about coworking space then you should read this article. Here we have provided complete details for coworking space.

What is coworking space?

Coworking spaces provide opportunity to people to work independently on different projects according to their routine. It is different than typical office workspace because the people in the coworking space are not working for the same company and for same projects. Different persons can get their place in coworking space and they can continue their projects there. The coworking spaces are the best both for freelancers and for small start-ups too.

Facilities provided in coworking spaces:

The co-working spaces provide basic facilities to the persons who are going to get it on rent such as Wifi, printers, tea, coffee and water. Some coworking spaces also have conference rooms to conduct meetings there. And some co-working spaces also have separate rooms and offices for teams. Some coworking spaces also have digital assets such as 3D printers and other tech related assets that all persons can not have easily.

History of coworking space:

The first coworking space was actually founded in 1995 by hackers in Berlin. The basic idea was to share space and information through coworking space who joined the membership. The first coworking space was opened up in an old renovated factory after which that place was available as community center for enterprises.

Who can use coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are more common in start-ups and freelancing world. However, these are not only freelancers who can get benefit from coworking spaces but small start ups and enterprises can also get benefit. For freelancers and individuals, coworking is a great chance to meet with new people and entrepreneurs. The small businesses who can not afford their own place in beginning they can also get benefit from coworking space. The larger companies who need to share their workspaces they can also get place in coworking space and they can increase their workspace. Many large companies hire a coworking company to build a custom space and it will also reduce their workload.