There is a very famous saying among the party animals and the job holders as well that work hard and party harder. But here we are not talking about work, we are here to talk about party and that is why there is a level two type of saying that travel more and party harder than ever.

Travelling for hundreds and thousands of miles for work or for different business ventures and not partying is a bad thing for your health and for your mind as well. if you don’t like to party as a teenager then you can always spend a quality time as well.

Even if you are in another country just to visit, then it is best that you find new reasons to party because we don’t know when the corona virus comes back or any kind of virus comes back and the borders get closed again and you don’t know when you will be going back to your favorite country, then now you will be realizing that why partying is important.

If you are a kind of person who is getting the Turkish citizenship by investment or Portugal golden visa program and you are looking for open air and nature parties, then we suggest that you keep reading because here we have mentioned the best islands to party in Turkey;

Bozcaada: this is a small village with a high class environment and it is located at the Aegean sea. It is so breath taking that Greek called it the Tenedos but it became the part of modern Turkey in 1923. The months to visit there is September.

Gokceada: if you wan to see the rural life of Turkey then this island is where you need to be. See the extreme cultural and traditional side of Turkey and just like Bozcaada, the Greek also named this place as Imbros. You can visit their in summers and you will have all the days spent being lazy and pampered at the beaches.

Cunda: these are also called the Alibey island and it was basically an old town of the Greeks but soon it became a part of Turkey and it has the largest harbor in the area and you can rent a boat and sail in the calm waters.