If you are an expat and you want to make sure that your wealth goes to the right people and it causes love and care then you must go for preparing will. It will make sure that your final wishes are being carried out. Making a will is beneficial for everyone but for expats it is ten time more beneficial and if your property is spread in different countries then your property will remain secure after you. The inheritance rules vary from country to country but if there is will then whole of the property is being inherited to children. If you are living in UAE then you can also see information about UAE will for expats on internet. You can also check by entering wills in Abu Dhabi because the rules of states vary from each other.

What happens if expats die without a will?

If expats die without will then their property and money is transferred through the process which is called as succession. The succession laws vary from country to country and in most of the cases the property and money end up in the hands of some unexpected person and children of that expat do not get anything.

Reasons for expats to make a will:

If you are young and single and you don’t have burden of your family then you can enjoy your life as expat and there is no need for you to prepare your will. But if you have a family and you are worried about the future of your children after you then you should go for preparing your will. Some of the reasons for preparing will are given below.

  • The will allows expats to appoint the people as guardian and executors on whom they have more trust and the property will be distributed among your children according to your wish.
  • The will may include the gift for executor for taking the job.
  • You can also leave a written letter about your funeral arrangements in your will and if you have desire to donate your organs after your death then you can also mention it in your will.
  • If you have younger children then you can also appoint guardian for your children.
  • If there is any property with which you have sentimental values then you can transfer it to the expat who wants to keep it.
  • Making a will also reduces the issues in family that may arise due to distribution of property.