Janitors or building cleaners or building custodians, whatever you name them are the caretakers of a building, be it commercial or residential. Their sole responsibilities cover the cleaning, repairing and orderly maintenance of the building they are working for. Some of the essential qualities of a janitor may include:

Interpersonal skills

Janitors and building cleaners should be polite yet authoritative so that the task given to other cleaners and workers are accomplished efficiently. A building custodian must be people-oriented as he has to deal with and resolve problems of the residents and be a listening ear to their concerns.

Mechanical skills

Janitors and building cleaners should be well-aware of trivial building operations so that they are able to make routine repairs, such as repairing leaky faucets. However, for catering to major issues external handyman can be hired.

Physical stamina

Janitors and building cleaners should be workaholic and on toes. Most of their time is spent accomplishing one task and getting prepared for another one. From operating cleaning equipment to lifting and moving supplies or tools, an individual having passion for work and stamina to tackle this all is a perfect-fit for janitorial needs.

Physical strength

Janitors and building cleaners encounter jobs like moving and lifting heavy machinery or other cleaning equipment. Sometimes they need to climb stairs over and over again and might have to keep standing for hours for a particular job to be done. The building cleaners should be strong enough to perform day-to-day tasks.

Time-management skills

Janitors and building cleaners should be able to plan and organize things in order to avoid delays and completing tasks in a timely manner.

Building maintenance and cleaning services are also available in developed countries like UAE. Several building cleaning companies in Dubai offer deep cleaning and regular cleaning services in JLT, JVC, Dubai marina and several other posh areas in the city for weekly or scheduled cleaning services as required.