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Maids are now the necessity of most of the houses particularly the ones that have all the people busy in their working or study life. If in a house both the parents are working and kids are school going then this house needs to hire Jumeirah maids but they should be hired from a trusted resource because no one will want to get in a trouble while inviting a stranger in to the house. You need to hire through a cleaning company as they have all the record of their maids and you do not need to do all the research by yourself. You have to tell them the time which suits you best because you have to manage your work too.

If you are working from 9 to 5 then either call them before 9 which should be around 6 in the morning so that they will complete the work and then you can get ready and make breakfast for everyone but most of the maids will not agree to come at this early hour of the day so you have to call them at 6 in the evening when you came back home. No doubt that you hire them from a trusted source but you cannot leave them alone at your house when you are not around. Even if your house is secure with security cameras but still you should not leave them alone in your house or leave them with any of your smaller kids to take care of them. It will be very risky and you have to avoid that. Because most of the people are working and this the reason behind hiring a maid so mostly thy will agree to come at the evening and while they will work you can easily cook the food for your family and also have an eye on your maids.

In this way you will also be able to get the cleaning correctly because when there is no one to see the work, most of these maids will not work properly and especially leave the corners from cleaning. If this happens persistently then the dirt will stick there and then you have to hire another expert cleaner to clean house in depth. In this way you will have to pay twice so make sure to have eye in them.

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